Omega Chapter

Victor Correa Ortiz – Stony Brook University

1/29/1974 – 12/23/1992

Victor Correa

Brother Victor Correa Ortiz was born and raised in Puerto Rico. After graduating from High School in Puerto Rico, he moved to New York in order to enroll at the State University of New York at Stony Brook. Brother Victor Correa Ortiz came to the United States to get his degree in Engineering. After finishing his freshman year at Stony Brook, he was determined to get a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering. Prior to finishing his freshman year, he met the Founding Brothers of the PI Chapter. He immediately became interested in joining the new Fraternity on Campus. As a result, Brother Victor was one of the eleven men that composed the Alpha Line. He became a Brother on November 20, 1992 at 11:20 pm. His Fraternity Name is Brother Ziggy.

 Mathew Mannacheril – Northern Illinois University

6/14/1971 – 9/30/1994

Mathew Mannacheril

Mathew Joseph “Magnum” Mannancheril was a great man. He was looked up by many peers including all his line brothers. He was the oldest on his line and was respected a great deal. Magnum was 23 years old and was to graduate in the fall ’94 with a degree in psychology. Magnum passed away on Saturday Sept. 30, 1994 when his car went off the gibson city off ramp. He was on his way to visit friends in University of Illinois. Magnum was a brother for 4 months and still a neophyte when he passed away. Not all the Brothers got to know him well here at Eta Chapter at Northern Illinois University, but he will always be remembered and remain in our hearts forever. May you rest in peace Brother and look up over us with the rest of the brothers up above.

 Guillermo Wolf – Texas State University

1/23/1978 – 2/8/1998

Guillermo Wolf

Guillermo Antonio Wolff, was born in Monterrey Mexico to Guillermo Alberto Wolff and Sylvia Mary C. Wolff. In December of 1983 the Wolff family moved to San Antonio, TX were Memo, as his friends knew him, grew up. He attended St. Luke’s Catholic School for elementary and junior high. Afterwards he attended John Marshall High School where he became a member of the National Honor Society and the Spanish National Honor Society. Memo graduated in 1996 and enrolled at the University of Texas at San Antonio for one year before transferring to Southwest Texas State University in San Marcos, TX for the fall of 1997. While at SWT, he wanted to follow in his father’s footsteps and establish a career in business. Thus, he majored in international business and distinguished himself as an honor student at SWT. His biggest accomplishment at SWT was becoming a member of Hermanos Unidos, an interest group of Sigma Lambda Beta Fraternity, Inc. By committing his time and effort he played a key role in founding the Sigma Lambda Beta Colony of SWT. He was very proud of the brotherhood he helped create and always looked forward to better himself and his friends. His biggest ambition was to establish a Brotherhood in Mexico. Although bilingual, Memo wanted to become even more fluent in Spanish and spend a year studying abroad in Mexico City. Guillermo will forever be remembered as a distinguished gentleman, full of motivation, emotion, and respect for everybody.

Armando Pena – Texas State University

1/29/1974 – 2/8/1998

Armando Pena

Armando I. Pena, Jr. was born in San Antonio, TX to Armando Ignacio Pena Sr. and Irene Rodriguez Pena. He attended Southwest High School and graduated in 1992, staying on the honor roll all four years. After high school he attended both San Antonio College and Palo Alto College. In the fall of 1997, he enrolled at Southwest Texas State University in San Marcos, TX. While at SWT, he majored in microbiology with a minor in chemistry. Mando, as his friends at SWT knew him, wanted to work in commercial microbiology. He was considering attending medical school after graduation. His biggest accomplishment at SWT came when he helped start “Hermanos Unidos,” an interest group of Sigma Lambda Beta, Inc. His pride and dedication helped in the foundation of the Sigma Lambda Beta Colony of SWT. Perhaps his biggest accomplishment was his “pride and joy,” his son Armando Ignacio Pena III. While a full-time student, Mando was also a full-time father to his five year-old son. Mando was proud of the fact that he had enrolled his little boy at St. Joseph’s Catholic School in San Antonio. Mando will forever be remembered as a jokester, a friend, a gentleman, and above all a loving father.