Brief History

During the fall of 1985, Baltazar Mendoza-Madrigal began to explore the idea of establishing a Latino-based Fraternity at University of Iowa.  After months of intensive research, Baltazar called a special meeting on Monday, March 7, 1986 with some of the Latino students at the Chicano Indian American Cultural Center (presently known as the Latino Native American Cultural Center) at the University of Iowa.  The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the need and feasibility of creating a new social Fraternity with an emphasis on the Latino culture.


At that point in time, the student body at the University of Iowa was predominantly Caucasian, and the Latino community was divided into different social groups.  As a result, the students who attended the meeting wanted to solidify and unify the Latino community while promoting a positive image for Latinos at University of Iowa.

The enthusiasm in favor of establishing for such a Fraternity was so great that word spread throughout the University of Iowa.  Everyone knew that something special was about to take place.  After much planning, many meetings, the students finalized the philosophy and ideology of the organization to be on April 4th, 1986.  Hence, this date became the official founding date of Sigma Lambda Beta International Fraternity.

Founded on the principles of Brotherhood, Scholarship, Community Service, and Cultural Awareness, the 18 Founding Fathers envisioned the creation of a diverse organization that would promote a positive image of the Latino community at the University of Iowa and other campuses through scholastic achievement, eternal Brotherhood, dissemination of our rich cultures, and service to our communities.

Twenty five years later, our Fraternity has grown to over 100 collegiate entities and 15 alumni associations that span across 28 states from Coast to Coast.  Moreover, our membership has expanded beyond the Hispanic-Latino cultures to encompass a vast, diverse and multicultural membership.

Founding Fathers

Bro. Mario Buendia
Bro. Enrique Carbajal
Bro. Thomas Carrasquillo
Bro. Manuel Chavarria
Bro. Jose Fong
Bro. Rudolfo Garza
Bro. Luis Jimenez
Bro. Luis Marquez
Bro. Baltazar Mendoza Madrigal
Bro. Eric Montes
Bro. Kuy Ou
Bro. Olakunle Oyeyemi
Bro. Jaime Ramirez
Bro. Olivero Rivera
Bro. Eugenio Soria
Bro. Juan Valdez
Bro. Ricardo Zamudio