Spotted: Chi Beta wins “Chapter of the Year” and “President’s Cup” at Arizona State

Chi Beta at Arizona State University

The Chi Beta chapter has become an emerging powerhouse on Arizona State University’s campus for the past three years.  Recently, the chapter was awarded two high-honoring awards from the Fraternity/Sorority Life community.  The 1st award, the MGC Council “Chapter of the Year” award.  Chi Beta has won this award for three consecutive years.  In the MGC Council, their operations and programming have stood out as the best in MGC.  The 2nd award given to the chapter was the President’s Cup.  This is an award that is only given to one organization, be it Fraternity or Sorority.  Arizona State University’s campus is home to 59 social organizations spanning from IFC, NPC, MGC, and NPHC Councils.  Not only is this the 2nd consecutive time Chi Beta has earned this award, but they, “are also the first Fraternity and only Fraternity to win” says Salvador Macias, President of Chi Beta Chapter.

The award selection is done through a review by the University of each organization’s operations and reports submitted by each organization.  Factors taken into account include academics, leadership. alumni/ae involvement, chapter operations, risk & crisis management, recruitment & retention, and much more.

The chapter has given mention to the progress and success the membership has had to earn over the years.  Here is a statement from the chapter about their progressive climb:

” Our chapter has gone through many trials and tribulations. In 2007-2008, we fell under academic suspension, meaning we were not able to recruit for a year and a half.  Five years later, our cumulative chapter GPA stands at a 3.18, our chapter size has gone from 8 members to currently having 26 members.”

Across the nation, we would like to say to Chi Beta, “You did a good job”!  Congratulations on the honor & recognition.

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