The Consortium For Public Profit

SLB Consortium Founders 2013 (1)

This past weekend, March 22-24, 2013, alumni of Sigma Lambda Beta convened the inaugural summit of the Consortium For Public Profit. Inputting over a year of development for the Consortium For Public Profit, over 15 alumni gathered to hear the ideas. The venture pitches included the Superior Pho expansion, Poetic Dose Daily Application, Child Cognitive Development Tablet Application, the K-12 Educational Dashboard for transitioning educators, the Co-sleeper for children, Noor Kids: A light for little muslims, The “I was there” photo application, and other examples. Additionally, venture pitches and successes will be shown virtually by Bro. Benjamin Johnson for the Dynamics Strategic Assesment Development and Shingi Mavima of Clubhouse.

All physical attendees were established as the Consortium For Public Profit founders. With over 100 views on the Live Stream, the event was a major success. The ventures are now entering the process of maturing the idea and assembling the team to grow of the venture. This weekend kindled the spirit of entrepreneurship within Sigma Lambda Beta and brought a whole new meaning to thinking outside the box. Think Big, Start Small, Scale Fast.

The Consortium for Public Profit is an open, national engagement platform that aims to connect, inspire, and mobilize the community of SLB alumni and like-minded partners who are passionate about leveraging our collective resources and professional skills to better our community, our country, and the world.

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