Spotted: Greetings to the Newest Colony at California State Polytechnic University – Pomona


Here is a brief history on the newest colony of the fraternity at Cal Poly Pomona, brought to you by them.

“In the Fall quarter of 2009, Luis Diaz reached out to Sigma Lambda Beta Int. Fraternity Inc. with interest of expanding the organization to Cal Poly Pomona. After having set a meeting with local Southern California brothers, Jonathan Atlas Robison and Mario Pacifico Roman Jr., an interest group came about along with official meetings to become acquainted with the social life on campus. From the Spring quarter of 2010 to the Winter of 2013, Los Broncos Unidos functioned as an official club at Cal Poly Pomona focusing on Academics, Community Service and Cultural Awareness composed of Luis A. Diaz, Pedro Martinez, Rudy Palomares, Yoshio Yanez, George Ayala and Omar Orozco. Working closely with other on-campus organizations helped spread the word of the interest group on campus and although challenging, local Sigma Lambda Beta alumni and undergraduates kept reaching out to the interested group.

The brotherhood grew within the interested group as they were invited to local Sigma Lambda Beta events and Brothers of the organization would come out to the Interest group events as well. Shortly after, Arizona brothers and regional expansion directors came out to the campus and Cal Poly Pomona had its first official informational with all the interested gentlemen. The visit from current Director of Member Services and Development, Bro. Ricardo J. Cortez, was also a sense of motivation for the interest group to keep strong.

The hard work and dedication of the interested gentlemen, administrators, advisors, and brothers all over California paid off.  After receiving acceptance from the Greek Council and the Diversified Greek council at Cal Poly Pomona, the expansion of Sigma Lambda Beta Int. Fraternity was closely becoming a reality thanks to the help and dedication from Theta Alpha Chapter Alumni – Brother Jonathan “Atlas” Robinson, Tau Chapter Alumni – Brother Edgar “Bouncer” Dominguez, and Kappa Delta Chapter Alumni – Brother Jairo “Novae” Chamorro.

On February 10, 2013, these 6 men became the Founding Brothers of Sigma Lambda Beta Int. Fraternity Inc. at California State Polytechnic University, Pomona.”

Cal Poly Pomona – Colony

El Imperio de Los Inmortales (From Left to Right)

  • Founding Brother #1 Yoshio “Potrillo” Yanez  [Captain]
  • Founding Brother #2 Luis A. “Jimador” Diaz
  • Founding Brother #2 Omar “Fideleon” Orozco
  • Founding Brother #4 Pedro “Plano” Martinez Jr.
  • Founding Brother #5 Rudy “Rhoam” Palomares
  • Founding Brother #6 George “Dosel” Ayala [Anchor]

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