Spotted: Recognizing the Best of SLB

During BETACON 2012, Outstanding Entities and Outstanding Collegiate Brothers were recognized for their achievements, successes, and contributions to the SLB Nation from “coast to coast.”

The BETACON 2012 Awards were announced during the Esther Materon-Arum Awards Luncheon in Tampa, Florida on Saturday, July 14, 2012. The Luncheon is named in her honor because of her great support and emphasis on the Brotherhood in the beginning years of our Most Honorable Fraternity. Brothers and Entities were given a month to apply for awards, which included compiling an application packet and letters of recommendation.

The award categories included Outstanding Entity Awards, which recognized entities that upheld the Fraternal principles. Recognition was also given to Outstanding Collegiate Brothers that committed themselves to “Living the Principles.”

Outstanding Collegiate Brothers:

  • Living the Principles for Scholarship
    • Bro. Kevin Ha, Delta Delta Chapter at University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Living the Principles for Community Service
    • Bro. Gerardo Ochoa-Inda, Chi Beta Chapter at Arizona State University
  • Living the Principles for Cultural Awareness
    • Bro. Ittai Wong, Delta Delta Chapter at University of Wisconsin-Madison

Outstanding Entities:

  • Outstanding Chapter
    • Alpha Beta Chapter at University of Minnesota
  • Outstanding Colony
    • Washington State University Colony (Now, Omicron Delta Chapter)
  • Academic Recognition Award
    • Omicron Chapter at Iowa State University
  • Community Service Recognition
    • Kappa Chapter at University of Illinois-Urbana Champaign
  • Cultural Awareness Recognition
    • Eta Alpha Chapter at University of Texas-Austin
  • Social Interaction Recognition
    • Delta Delta Chapter at University of Wisconsin-Madison

Congratulations to all award winners! Live the Principles. Be the Creed.


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