SLB Highlights Episode 9 – BETACON 2012 Edition

Hello Brothers.  Time is drawing closer and closer towards BETACON 2012 in Tampa, FL  July 12th through the 15th will be days spent setting the stage for the direction of Sigma Lambda Beta’s future..  Have you started packing yet?  Do you know what to pack?  Have you reviewed the proposals?  Have you decided who to elect to serve as the Fraternity’s leaders for the oncoming term?  Have you taken time to figure out what to vote for on the Convention floor?  Do you know if you are eligible to vote for anything?

Better yet, do you know what to do at Convention?

So many questions to answer and think about.  Well, that is where this month’s episode will help you.  The Executive Office staff shares with you information on how to prepare for this year’s Convention.  From knowing what to pack, how to conduct yourself, figuring out voting eligibility, and ways to be prepared, the staff is here to give you some direction in making those final plans for Convention.  Click the play button and begin to prepare.  Share this with your fellow Brothers that are going to Convention too.


  1. Gabe says

    This website could use some repair. If you click on a tab, it removes the "Brotherhood Network" tab, which prevents you from making a payment or accessing member documents. Furthermore, it won't let me select an entity in the payment screen!!!

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