Gamma Chapter Says Thank You to a Life Long Friend, Mentor, and “Mama”

On May 26th brothers from several regional chapters came together for a night of friendship, celebration, and reflection as they honored the retirement of Gamma Chapter’s lifelong chapter advisor, Susan M. Payne.  Payne, a university employee with the Dean of Students Office, served the Sigma Lambda Beta community for over two decades.  During that time, she was instrumental in the formation and foundational groundwork that lead Gamma Chapter through many successful years.  “It’s not often that a Chapter Advisor is around for more then a couple of years and for Gamma Chapter to have a stable, responsible, and caring advisor for almost 25 years is unheard of.” Bro. James Hayes stated.  This fact was evident as brothers from all generations, including Gamma Chapter’s Founding Brother and member of the first Associate Member class outside of Alpha Chapter; Elliot Velez sent his congratulations as well.  “Sue was always there for us, no matter what, and she will forever be remembered as the caring, loving, and gracious mentor that she was.” Bro. David Im said in his reflection of Sue’s tenure.  “You can’t ever retire from being an advisor, as I get calls and texts from brothers everyday.” stated Payne. “I love it, I love my boys, and I love seeing them mature into wonderful Beta men.”

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