SLB Highlights Episode 8 – “Use Your Voice”

Every great change that has taken place in the existence of the human race has always stemmed from people speaking up & using their voice.  The Executive Office is here to stress the importance of using your voice at BETACON 2012.  A lot of changes that will impact the Fraternity greatly are taking place this year.  Are you going to sit idly by and do nothing or will you take time to learn what is ahead and make a stand like a man?  Watch this episode and learn what is happening in the Executive Office, but also how to prepare for this year’s BETACON!

It’s very important that our collegiate men understand the amount of power they have, especially at the meeting of the House of Delegates.  As the highest governing body in the Fraternity, the House of Delegates gets to make decisions on anything and everything.  It’s important that all chapters do their best to be in Good Standing, and all our colonies get obtain chapter status so that they can come to BETACON and vote on the issues of today.  We are ever changing, and ever growing, and it’s all been because collegiate men in bienniums past have taken their power seriously; have researched the issues; have discussed with older and younger brothers; and have come to BETACON with an open mind, a good sense of the Status Quo, and came in to make change for the future.

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