Podcast: Risk Management (updated with video)

Join us on Tuesday, May 15th at 7 p.m. Central Daylight Time for a great conversation on risk management!  We know, you hate talking about but you gotta admit, it’s a very necessary evil.

Cheer up, though, our conversation this time won’t be about all the annoying paperwork you have to do, or all the negativity that comes with talking about risk management.  This time, we want to talk about it from a different perspective: we actually want to understand what RM is and how we can use it for our success.  You’d be surprised how handy RM can be when you really understand it and use it in your favor!

To catch the live broadcast, simply come back to this post, visit our YouTube channel, or stop by our Google+ Page!  To join the conversation live (well kind of, there’s always a tiny delay), Facebook Wall, comment on your Google+ Page, or leave comments on YouTube!  We’ll do our best to keep an eye on all of these outlets!

Catch the recorded broadcast below!


  1. Peter Hoang - AB#78 says

    I won't be able to attend the live podcast but here's a question:
    How much of the Risk Management problems is a result of our rapid expansion and unclear values in recruitment vs. brothers being "evil"? Yes, a lot of these things hurt our image nationally but I think this is something where the root isn't from people making poor choices but us not correctly communicating the type of expectations we have for brothers. What does it really mean to be gentleman?

    I think we should outline exactly what it means to "Live the creed" vs. just saying empty statements.

    • SLB - Executive Office says

      Brother, These are great questions to ask. The leadership of the fraternity and the EO ponder these same type of questions as we develop our strategic plans. We need to continue to provide programming, dialogues with entities, and hold our brothers accountable. Currently, we are working on revamping procedures for our entities to address individual behavior at the entity level. I think an example of acting swiftly and firmly was our response to Founders 2012.

  2. tim says

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